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Empowering CPG & Retail Organizations to leverage the digital wave for better consumer experience

ExfConsumer, a technology provider headquartered in New Jersey, is dedicated to supporting consumer packaged brands and retailers in addressing their critical business challenges and deriving valuable insights from their operational data.

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Expand your horizons, extend your influence: Unleash the power of reach and make your message resonate.


Interact and create differentiated experiences – Forge meaningful connections that leave a lasting impact


Custom experiences, One on One unique relationship. Execute - measure - improve

Consumer Insight

Consumer Insights empowers clients to gain an understanding of customers' perceptions, purchasing patterns, and preferences regarding their brand or product. This knowledge aids in predicting customer behavior and delivering offers that are timely, relevant, and aligned with their expectations

Digital Marketing

By leveraging diverse channels and cutting-edge technologies, digital marketing empowers clients to gauge the impact of personalized and targeted digital marketing campaigns. This, in turn, amplifies consumer reach and enhances engagement levels.


Utilizing Exafluence’s cutting-edge platforms and tools eCommerce businesses can optimize their digital strategies, enhance customer experiences, and achieve measurable growth in the dynamic online marketplace.

Why ExfConsumer?

Introducing ExfConsumer, a highly flexible and modular platform specifically designed for the CPG and Retail industry. Built on our powerful low-code/no-code foundation, ExfDigital, each component is fully customizable to address the unique pain points of businesses. Embrace the tailored solutions across a wide range of use cases, transforming your customer experience and operations.

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